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2017-2018  Registration is now open! Please complete a registration form. Classes begin September 11, 2017 and end May 25, 2018.
CalAPS Registration

Dear Student:

We are pleased you are enrolling in the CalAPS after-school program. Our program is committed to providing you quality career technical education courses based on the state standards, career technical education standards and current industry expectations. Our goal is for you to develop your technical, personal, professional and career planning skills.

You will need to complete the registration information in order to confirm your attendance in one or more of the afterschool courses. Registration will be confirmed in the order completed requests are received. You will be notified of your enrollment or status on a course wait list.

Please complete the form below. Mandatory fields marked *

Student Information
Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contact Information

  1. Is your son/daughter enrolled in Special Education:*

    My son/daughter will need transportation services for the course they are requesting to enroll in:*

    I understand that once transportation services are arranged, my son/daughter will continue the service for all class sessions within the year:*

Parent/Guardian Agreement

Parent/Guardian: The student applicant named above wishes to participate in a program of career technical education training offered by California Advancing Pathways for Students. Fill in your full name electronically on the signature line, indicating your consent and approval for your pupil to participate in an off campus placement if the pupil is under 18 years old. Please complete and submit this form.

CalAPS classes are established to provide entry level skill training in areas where a job market exists.

I understand that it will be necessary for me to meet the conditions listed below if I am to remain in my CalAPS course and receive ten credits.

I understand I may be dropped from the class if I do not meet these conditions:

1. I will attend regularly, arrive on time, and remain for the full class session. The credit and grade I receive for the course may be affected by poor attendance. You may not miss more than 20% of the total scheduled class meeting hours, or you will be dropped from the program.

2. I will complete all course assignments.

3. I will maintain attitudes, behavior, and work standards necessary for placement in the job setting as well as the classroom. Grades will be based on standards, achieved within the course. Demonstration of mastery may be accomplished through course work, exams, and or demonstration of skills through hands on examples.

4. I understand that if my student has selected that they need transportation, transportation services will be provided by Hemet Unified School District or Lynwood Unified School District transportation services.